What To Check When Viewing A Property

Finding a new property is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming and stressful. To make sure this move is a joyful milestone, you will want to ensure you check the essential things at the viewing stage. Moving into a new property should be a great experience, and you must choose the right place to suit your needs.

Here we cover the things you should look at when viewing a property.

What comes with the property? – Establish which items will remain in the property after the current tenants have vacated. This includes furniture, white goods and garden equipment. This will help you to plan what you need to bring or buy.

Damages – Check the property for breakages and damage. Check all fixtures and fittings as well as any appliances. This includes taps, white goods, electrical appliances, boilers and radiators. Raise concerns at the viewing to agree on what will be fixed before moving.

Costs – Determine all expenses involved in the rental. This includes the deposit, rent upfront,  monthly rent, service charges, water provider, etc. Establishing this upfront enables you to plan and budget, leaving no nasty surprises.

History – Try to determine why the current tenants are leaving and how long they have lived at the property. If the opportunity arises, speak with potential neighbours. You will want to build a clear picture of the road and area to see if it will suit you.

Phone signal and wifi – Check that your phone has signal at the property and enquire about wifi options. These are increasingly important things to consider now when choosing a home.

Bills – Establish the council tax bills and a rough guide on energy bills for the property. Ensure it sits within your budget before committing.

Tenancy Agreement – Determine the length of the initial tenancy and the notice period. If you are buying instead of renting, you will need to know details about the lease if applicable before you commit.

Outdoors – This covers the front and back garden, whether there are shared areas for access, bin areas, and parking. Be sure of the boundaries and any potential obstacles before you commit. Find out the bin days and the recycling schedule and determine what level of upkeep is expected of you regarding the outdoor areas.

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