The Importance Of Property Inspections

Like many admin tasks, it can be tricky finding the time for regular property inspectors. However, you must protect your investment as a property owner. Here, we look at the benefits of property inspections, for both landlords and tenants, and what they entail.


The main benefit of planning regular property inspections is the peace of mind it brings to the property owner. Using an experienced and professional lettings agent, such as Hardings Lettings, will ensure absolutely every part of the inspection is carried out thoroughly.

As a landlord, you may feel uneasy about ‘checking up’ on your tenants and worry about disturbing or offending them. The truth is that property inspections are part of any good tenancy agreement and can be carried out swiftly and without disruption. It shows your tenant that you care about your property and that you are a professional landlord.

Your tenants will also benefit from these inspections, as potential issues that would hinder their living environment will be highlighted and resolved. It provides a clear and transparent record of the condition of your property and all safety aspects.


What Is Covered In A Property Inspection?

  • A detailed assessment of the condition of the property and its contents.
  • Identifying potential maintenance problems before they become dangerous or costly.
  • Ensuring that the tenant is not breaking any aspect of their tenancy agreement.
  • Checking for signs of illegal activity at the property.
  • Strengthen a sound relationship between the landlord and tenant.
  • Showing that the landlord is on top of their responsibilities.
  • Producing a paper trail that can be used down the line if an issue were to arise.


Simplifying Property Inspections

Using a professional letting agent to carry out your property inspections will save you the time, worry, and paperwork. Your agent will quickly inform you of the results, and every part of the assessment will be carried out by a professional. You will receive written and photographic evidence that is clear to follow and crucial if you run into disputes down the line.

Consistent, professional inspections will give you a transparent view of how your property is performing in all areas. You can quickly and easily identify anything that needs attention or frequently highlighted problems.

Not only will organising regular inspections decrease your administration tasks, but it will also take the stress and burden of this duty from you. An impartial person will be reviewing, inspecting, and comparing reports, and you will be kept updated without having to visit the property yourself.


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