The Do’s and the Don’ts When Renting with Pets

Pets are a wonderful addition to a home. However, if you are renting a property, some pets may make it a little trickier. Here we look at the do’s and don’ts of renting with pets.

The Do’s

Show you are responsible – Proving that you are a responsible pet owner could help put a landlord’s mind at ease. Pets can be messy and destructive, so you need to be able to assure your landlord that this will not be the case.

Introduce them – Let your landlord or agent meet your pet. They can then assess the potential for issues and see that you are a responsible pet owner.

Make a pet CV – You could create a pet CV detailing your previous landlords for references. You could also include your pets vet details, vaccinations, treatments, and medical details.

Offer a larger deposit – Offering your landlord or agent a bigger deposit is a great way to put their mind at ease. This shows that you are willing to pay for any damage that may be caused.

Thoroughly read through your tenancy agreement – You will want to make sure there are no pet-specific parts of your contract that could cause an issue. Examples include not leaving your pet alone in the property and not allowing them to foul in the garden.


The don’ts

Assume there is no wiggle room – A note stating that no pets are allowed on a property listing does not always mean that this rule is set in stone. Some agencies will put this as a default, but the landlords may consider pets depending on the situation.

Get a new pet without telling your landlord – Once you have moved into your rented accommodation, do not get a new pet without talking to your landlord first. There will likely be a clause in your tenancy agreement stating that you should obtain your landlord’s permission before getting a new pet.

Lie – Being untruthful about owning a pet could breach your tenancy agreement and cause bad feeling with your landlord and neighbours.

Take on a pet that you cannot care for – Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Always ensure that you can provide the absolute best care for your pet before you commit.


The bottom line is that while many landlords would prefer not to rent to people with pets, many will consider it. It is best to speak with your landlord and be completely transparent.

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