Renting out Your Property -Thing to Consider

Are you planning to rent out your property this year? If so, read on for all you need to consider before making that move.

Buy-to-let mortgage

If the property you wish to rent is your current home, you will need to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage. This is because a property with a regular residential mortgage cannot be leased.

Checking your lease

This is relevant if you are letting a leasehold property, usually an apartment or flat. Your lease must allow you to let. You will also need to ensure there are no restrictions that could affect you or potential tenants. For example, no pets. Anything like this must be made clear in a tenancy agreement and at the point of advertising the rental.


Insurance is vital. You must have the correct insurance to cover potential tenant-related problems. Landlords have specific insurance needs, and a rental specialist, such as Hardings Lettings can advise you on this.

Tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement must be clear, relevant and up to date. You must review it before every rental or rental renewal, and it needs to outline all terms clearly. A tenancy agreement protects the landlord and tenant and ensures that both parties know what is expected and required during the tenancy.


All properties require a proper inventory, not just ones that are furnished. It should list everything inside the property, including fixtures and fittings. This will help once the tenancy has ended. As a landlord, you can easily record how things have changed and any damage that may have occurred. An inventory would serve as evidence if a dispute were to arise.


Deposit registration should be arranged before you rent out a property. Take some time to find a suitable deposit scheme as some are free and some that charge a fee. The deposit must arrive within thirty days of payment, and the tenant must have a certificate confirming this.

Becoming a landlord

The key thing to do before taking this step is research. Make sure you are aware of and comfortable with all requirements, duties and legalities and put everything in place before advertising your property for rent.

Online groups offer free advice for landlords, and plenty of help is available. Be sure to keep up to date with changing regulations when they occur, and above all, you should feel confident that being a landlord is suited to you.

If you require information about renting or becoming a landlord, we are here to help. Contact our friendly team at Hardings Lettings on 01277 233400.

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