How To Get Your Full Deposit Back When Your Tenancy Ends

If you are a tenant coming to the end of your tenancy, you may be starting to think about getting your deposit back. The best way to ensure this is done with no disputes or delay is to leave the property as you found it. There may be some inevitable wear and tear but leaving the accommodation as close to its original state as possible is a must.


Check-In Inventory

The best way to make sure you are leaving things as you found them is to refer to the check-in inventory. This should have been supplied to you by your landlord or lettings agent when your contract started. There will be clear instructions as well as detailed photos. This will explain the level of cleaning required at the end of the tenancy.

Minimal wear and tear will be accepted, but any damage that will cost the landlord money may be deducted from your deposit. It is worth fixing or redecorating yourself to minimise this cost.


If the accommodation you have rented was furnished or part furnished, be sure to take the time to rearrange the furniture back to its original setting. Anything that is damaged should be fixed or replaced where possible. It is also best to leave lightbulbs in the fittings.


The entire accommodation must be cleaned to a high standard before you leave. Areas that tenants can overlook are the oven, fridge, and windows. Be sure to clean all these areas. It is preferable to employ a cleaning service for an end of tenancy clean.

Outside the property

The garden and any other outdoor areas belonging to the property must be left clean and as they were found. Mow lawns and pull up weeds. Do not dump any garden waste.

Leaving things behind

As tempting as it may be to leave unwanted utensils and furniture behind, this can be inconvenient for the landlord. Be sure to either take all your belongings with you or dispose of them accordingly.


If you have had any fixtures or pictures on the walls that have left holes or scuffs, they should be fixed. The same goes for any signs of mould they may have appeared. Clean this thoroughly before you leave.


Be sure to inform all utility suppliers of your change of address in plenty of time. This will stop unwanted post at your old address. Inform the council of your move, so your council tax is updated. Other providers include your TV licence, your power supplier, and your internet provider.

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