Brentwood, in Essex – third best place in England to live if you have teenagers.

When moving into a new home, there are a lot of details to think about.
Figuring out which town offers the greatest stores, restaurants, and other services is essential.

If you have children, your concerns about their education are likely a significant factor in the way you make decisions.
One local neighbourhood in Essex has been given a high ranking as one of the top spots in the nation to live in if you have children in their teenage years.

According to a story in a UK tabloid, a study was conducted to determine the best places for children of secondary school age to live and ranked Brentwood in third place.
As a result of their study, the real estate professionals at Savills came up with a house searching measure that is specifically catered to families with adolescents.

They looked at local authorities in England that were located in the top half of the deprivation index, which ranks places based on characteristics such as life expectancy and education levels.

Then, within these locations, they searched for the top schools that had been rated “excellent” or “outstanding” by Ofsted, the number of railway stations per 10,000 people, and the amount of time it takes to travel into the closest town centre on foot in addition to using public transportation.

According to the findings of the research conducted by Savills, Brentwood is the third best location in all of England to relocate to with adolescent children, making it the third greatest option overall.

Want to know which location was first? In at the top with 13 schools rated as good or exceptional and an average travel time of 19 minutes to the closest town centre was North Lincolnshire.

A region in the neighbouring county of Hertfordshire, which is next to Essex, came in second place.

The area of East Hertfordshire, which includes Bishop’s Stortford, came in second position.

There are 14 schools located in this area, and anyone can reach the centre of town in twenty-one minutes or less by either walking or taking public transportation.